Frequently Asked Questions

Can you please explain to me the services you provide?
We specialise in teaching English and Maths classes for students aged 5 to 15. The classes run for 1.5 hours every week. We focus on the main skills of “Listening, Speaking and Writing” as these skills are lacking in most children and we pay great emphasis on developing strong confidence in students to use the English language. And in maths we focus on teaching International Maths that will help students studying the international curricula.
Do you come to our home or we come to you?
All students come to our centre; this is to ensure that they are placed in a suitable learning environment and away from any distractions and enjoy learning and competing with other students.
Are your teachers qualified?
Yes, our teachers are experienced and hold tertiary qualifications. All teachers follow our methodology and go through extensive training to ensure they give students the best learning experience.
Are the teachers natives?
The teachers are natives or near natives. Our teaching team are all proficient English speakers with native or near native accents.
How do you choose your teachers?
We have strict criteria for all our teachers. Teachers are carefully selected based on a list of priorities. Some of the key priorities are that they must be passionate educators, possess excellent character, native or near native speakers, have high expectations of themselves and their students and show genuine care to their students.
Do you help students with their school homework?

We don’t directly help students with their school homework; however the tuition classes will focus on skills and learning areas they study in class. As a result, the student will be able to apply what he is learning in school and in his school homework. It’s a way of fixing the problems once and for all and not keep patching up the problem every time it arises with a student every week. This ensures the students will not have the same problem in the future.

Do you put students in levels?
Our classes focus on teaching students skills that are in line with their age and international expectations and outcomes.
How do you know what class to put students in and what time is the class?
We assess the student first to see their skills. Not all students have acquired the same skills. Some come to address their learning difficulties, while others attend to excel and advance their skills and position in class. After an initial assessment, we decide whether there is a space in the class that suits the student’s needs. If so, we will then inform you of the day and time of the class.
Is it one-on-one teaching?
No, our centre focuses on small group learning. Our experience shows that students tend to be more focused and alert when there are other students in the class. It also encourages motivation and competition, making the learning process more enjoyable. Students find it fun and stimulating when learning from other students’ questions. Also, there is no risk or threat of failure, as there is more than one student in the class.
How many students are there in a class?
In any of our classes, there is a limit of five students. This is to ensure that all students receive the attention they need, and to ensure the quality learning that we are proud of.
When can I enrol my child?
We first need to book an initial assessment, where we can assess the child’s skills, and decide if there is a space in the class that suits their needs. During this assessment we will also go through the procedures regarding our services, and answer any questions you may have. Then, you will be able to enrol them if a position is available.
How much does the assessment cost?
The assessment is free, this is a complimentary service we provide all our new students.
How long does it take for my child to improve?

Each student is different and that depends on a few factors which include the student’s current skills, their motivation to learn, their commitment in classes and their individual abilities. However, generally speaking students improve gradually and parents will notice improvement over a few months.

Can I choose the day and time of the class?

The student’s class time is determined after the assessment when the child’s skills are identified. After this, a class that is suitable for the child’s level is determined. We like to give parents the option in choosing the day and time of classes, however, we are not always able to give parents the option as it all depends on the timetable we have at the centre.

Can both of my children attend at the same time?
There are several classes running at the centre at the same time, each one working with students of different levels. We try to accommodate for siblings to come at the same time but in most cases this can not be organised due to the timetable we have in the centre.
Is my child given homework? Can I help him with it at home?

All students must complete the homework before attending class as this will help them improve and strengthen their skills. Parents may supervise homework completion but are not to help them while doing it. Students should complete their homework within 2-3 days of their class, and if this is done, it will be easy to complete and the student will greatly benefit from it as it is suitable to their level and directly revises what was covered in class.

Will my child be placed with students similar to his/her age?

Most of the time, students are placed in classes with students who are the same age group (one to two years older or younger). This will ensure their confidence is not diminished and they are learning with children similar to them in age and they all share similar interests.

Can my child attend a trial class?
Students will not benefit from attending only one trial class, therefore the minimum enrolment is to attend 8 classes.
Do you have only speaking/conversation classes?

Speaking is an integral part in all classes. However, to master the English language and to become a fluent speaker, students must gain vocabulary and learn how to structure sentences correctly. This can only be achieved by focusing on all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

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